We believe in strong and accurate media strategies with measurable objectives or goals. We ensure that we understand the consumers before proposing the most relevant medium to them. At the same time, we are NOT afraid to try something different and to challenge media owners to do the same.




  • We absolutely believe in strong & accurate media strategies. It is key to success.
  • We produce strategies with a specific (measurable) objective or goal in mind.
  • We understand the different mediums very well.
  • We make 100% sure we understand the consumers before we embark on a strategy.
  • We are NOT afraid to try something different.
  • We are NOT afraid to challenge media owners to break through the clutter.
  • We plan properly and will change without hesitation if the plans do not show desired results.
  • We plan strictly according to the agreed strategy.
  • We negotiate hard on behalf of our clients – the best rates possible for the best time slots.
  • We are constantly monitoring the progress of the campaigns – we do not tolerate non-compliance from media owners.
  • We strongly believe in proper post-campaign analysis – and we learn from those reports.

With us everything starts and ends with media strategies:

  • Maximise the Target Market
  • Make it easy to notice
  • Maximise the reach
  • Become the talk of the town


We use Media Data and local insights to make informed decisions and recommendations.

  • Use data and software to convert data in meaningful plans.
  • Strongly believe in a proper channel plan to offer our clients the BEST POSSIBLE media solution.
  • We do not strategise or plan to SPEND money, but for our clients to MAKE money.
  • We do NOT action briefs unless we understand it 100%
  • We DO ask questions!
  • It is our responsibility to identify the BEST mediums or channels.
  • Spend money where it will work hard for our clients.